Monday, July 28, 2008

LinkedIn Buys Into MySQL

Hot on the heels of news that SquareSpace is using Oracle, comes news that LinkedIn is going whole hog with MySQL.

Actually, you could say that LinkedIn is buying into Sun. They are buying the MySQL Enterprise subscription and they'll be running MySQL on Sparc servers and Solaris 10. They've signed up for Sun Professional Services, MySQL Professional Services, and Solaris Everywhere. I guess you could say that signed up for the full monty. ;-) Pun intended.

"Helping LinkedIn to scale their Web systems demonstrates the strength of combining the Sun and MySQL teams," said Zack Urlocker, vice-president of products, database group, Sun Microsystems. "Our focus is on delivering customers innovative solutions in a straight-forward, cost-effective way -- based on open source software and other high-performance, reliable platforms."

This looks like Sun's sweet spot. Hardware, Solaris, MySQL and professional services. I'd love to know what the price tag on this deal. This is really the kind of deal we need to hear more of if Sun (and MySQL) want to stay significant in the future.

I use LinkedIn as my primary professional social network. I never really considered what it was running under the covers but from the press release, it looks like they are long time MySQL users. Having them buy the enterprise subscription is a big win for Sun.

On the downside, I still think the enterprise subscription is too cheap. It's almost like giving the software away. ;-)


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