Thursday, July 24, 2008

OSCON 2008 Popularity Contest

I didn't get a chance to go to OSCON 2008. Bummer. But I can live vicariously through google. So, along with all of the announcements you've heard from OSCON, I know present the OSCON 2008 - Google popularity contest. This is a completely unscientific survey of google hits. I was searching blogs and news. I started with just news but the blogs hits really upped the numbers.

To run these searches, I use "oscon 2008" and the search term, for example:

"oscon 2008" mysql

In the case of open source, I also quoted "open source".

I'm using google's about number. I didn't sit and count each hit. ;-)

Category Term Hits
General open source 28600
cloud 4220
Database database 9680
mysql 10300
postgres 2560
drizzle 521
hadoop 277
firebird 809
derby 1680
ingres 3190
luciddb 37
couchdb 298
Vendor sun 9390
oracle 6480
microsoft 15100
apple 10500
intel 45800
Language ruby 5730
php 12400
java 43200
perl 8280
python 5230
mono 842
Linux ubuntu 10700
fedora 5120
debian 5040
bsd 4870
centos 2520
gentoo 16900
red hat 5860
suse 3220

Interesting results. MySQL took the database by a good margin. I thought Ubuntu would take the Linux flavor but Gentoo got it. I also didn't expect Java to be #1 much less by such a huge margin.


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