Saturday, September 22, 2007

Differences Between MySQL and Oracle

Augusto Bott at Pythian recently posted a good entry detailing some differences between Oracle and MySQL from a MySQL DBA's perspective, From MySQL to Oracle: A Few Differences. My viewpoint is exactly the opposite, I know Oracle extremely well but I have a lot of learning to do with MySQL. Augusto ran into a SQL*Plus issue, where it is less than obvious where a SQL syntax error is. He could get around this error by using SQL Developer, Oracle's free SQL Development IDE. SQL Developer can connect to and browse MySQL databases in addition to Oracle and SQL Server. He also noticed some syntactic differences between MySQL and Oracle. That is something I have been running into in my experimentation with Oracle, Postgres, MySQL and DB2. For something touted as a standard, SQL is VERY different from one database to another. This is a good article. I can't wait to see more from Augusto. I like seeing his viewpoint as it might help me avoid some of the pain I would otherwise experience. LewisC

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