Saturday, October 27, 2007

Google Contributes to MySQL

According to this article in ComputerWorld, MySQL to get injection of Google code. Google has signed an agreement to contribute to MySQL (oddly enough called a contributer license agreement) and will contribute source code for a variety of technical items. In a way, this can be considered a very strong endorsement of MySQL by Google. Google even has an engineer dedicated to working with MySQL and the MySQL development team. I didn't realize that Google was such a heavy user of MySQL. Google will contribute some code related to replication and monitoring. Also noted in the article is that MySQL, in the future of course, will support role based security and even Transparent Data Encryption (TDE). TDE is a big selling point for financial companies and other companies heavily regulated by privacy concerns. TDE puts the burden of encryption on the database instead of on the developer. Oracle has had it since 10g. Some good info in the article. Check it out! LewisC

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